How it all started (Pt 1)

January 27, 2009

She hung up on that weird call, well not hung up but the conversation ran it’s course and they had to say their good-byes.  She couldn’t believe what she heard and had she been so invested in him rather than wanting to be with him she might have been affected even more, might even have cried.  But she didn’t.

Instead, she chose to get online and log into her MSN to see who was online to sit and chat with.  Not about him of course, but to sort of change that sour taste he left in her mouth, you know when you eat or drink something too powerful and it just sits there making you rue the day you had that drink.  He was like that too her, he wasn’t worth it, but she didn’t see it yet.

Maybe a little background about her and him would help a bit.

You see they met a year or two ago online, through friends, and you know how most of these relationships go, you meet someone online where you can either be your true self or just fake it until you get caught.  And she chose to be true, he on the other hand well let’s just say the jury hasn’t ruled in his favor yet.  They clicked, and connected on more levels than one, but, there is always a but in these situations.  He was engaged at the time, an arranged engagement nothing too fancy, and she was dating someone, her rebound from the previous relationship someone she shouldn’t have given the time of day but she did because she was so young.

So they connected on many levels and thought of each other as soul mates, little did she know there wasn’t such a thing called a soul mate.  After Christmas break he went back to the UK where he was studying and got online and told her all about how his engagement was a failure and that he broke it off, he felt that she was the one for him and not the woman he was engaged with.  She on the other hand, didn’t want to seem to eager and played hard to get, “No” she said to him “I’m with Jassim and I’m not ready to let that go.  Although in reality, Jassim was a son of a gun who did not treat her the way she should be treated.

And so they remained friends, although he was literally crushed and showed it in his actions, little did she know that a few months later he would cut all ties to her and just disappear without another word, later to appear in her life and say that he had to let go of her because she wouldn’t let go of Jassim but that he couldn’t live without her.   It was around that graduation time, and the time he was heading back home.

But the drama never ends there, it has to go on, and even when the fat lady sings, she can’t make the drama stop…

(To be continued…)


2 Responses to “How it all started (Pt 1)”

  1. Cupid ;* Says:

    wow your story seems really interesting I really love the start;** keep it up babe;*

  2. jadedoe Says:

    Thanks hon 🙂 Glad you like it 🙂

    You’re my first commenter in months…

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