The Forbidden Fruit (Pt 2)

February 1, 2009

“Incoming Call – Nasser  +965xxxxxxx” she stared at her cellphone, what was he doing calling her now, didn’t he decide to disappear a few months ago from her life.  Jade couldn’t believe it, it’s like just as she let’s go of him and tries to make it work with Jassim he comes back to remind her of what she’s missing.  She contemplates rejecting the call, but instead ignores it and let’s it go to the Missed Call Box.

I guess this means he has graduated and is back home, I guess now he wants to hook up and try to see if he has a chance, boy will he be in for a surprise, she thought.  Things were getting bad with Jassim and she saw herself leaving him soon or cheating on him.  She got that way sometimes, when she felt like sabotaging a relationship she was in she would cheat, talk to other guys, hang out, never do more but cheat emotionally on Jassim and he deserved it.  He constantly put her down, called her names, forbade her to do stuff, which she would pretend in front of him she didn’t do but she still did.

Like this one time, she wanted to go to Prom, and he didn’t understand what Prom was, he graduated a public high school whereas she was into the whole private school system, she wanted to have fun with her friends, and well he had a bad idea about Prom from what he heard in the media so he told her she could go but would have to refrain from dancing or dressing provocatively.  He was all the way in Australia studying one major or something and she said “Ok” just to appease his male ego.  When in fact, she went to prom dressed in this cute dress, true it was longer than it should’ve been but she danced her head off with her friends, girls and boys.  If only she could see his face now.

She didn’t understand his stupid rules and didn’t want to.  At 17, she wasn’t ready for someone to limit her freedom.  So that joined the multitude of events she did behind Jassim back.

The sound of the message beeping brought her back into reality, was she ready to cheat on Jassim just because he wasn’t in the same country and not of the same mind set as she was, she turned and stared at the phone, seeing the blinking light indicating a new message.

She picked up the phone and went into her message inbox to read the latest message from Nasser, I guess she is ready for something else…


2 Responses to “The Forbidden Fruit (Pt 2)”

  1. Cupid ;* Says:

    it is really good mashala:) babe please do u mind if u change the way that we comment and just make it the regular way? It would mean a lot, thank you very much;**

  2. jadedoe Says:

    I tried to change it, I hope it’s better this way and I hope to give you more parts everyday… 🙂

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