Lara Croft Breakup Tomb Raider (Pt 3)

April 4, 2009

Things started to progress with Nasser, they started talking now that he was back, they met this one time at the movies, although it wasn’t a date they were just in the same theatre at the same time.  Jade had told him she wanted to go see the Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie at one of the theaters, luckily enough he was going there too with his friends.  That day Jade ran into a bunch of friends, well her online friends as well as Nasser.  Seeing Nasser made her heart jump up and down, she had shivers and smiled shyly when they crossed paths.  Unfortunately she couldn’t do much, she was with her parents and siblings.  Soon enough everyone was getting into the theatre and sitting down, getting ready for the movie to start.  She had this awesome chair, high up there, above the Bachelors section and she could easily make out his figure/head.  Throughout the movie she would stare at him and see his reaction to the movie.  It was literally the best movie she’s ever been too.  Pretty soon the movie was over and she was heading back home and so was he, she was so anxious to get there and away from her parents to go and talk to him.

It was one of her best moments, she couldn’t remember feeling this way with Jassim and this fed the fire that was building up inside her.  Every day she would discover new things in Nasser that she just couldn’t help but compare to Jassim.  How Nasser didn’t even bother to limit her freedom or change her personality but liked her the way she was.  It didn’t help though that Nasser was friend’s with one of her previous ex’s but still he meant something to her.

Nasser knew that she was still talking to Jassim and to her ex, and told her that he wanted her in his life but he wasn’t ready to be the reason that they broke up.  She had to do it on her own.  And well Jade felt it was the right time 2 weeks after watching that movie.  It felt that things weren’t moving forward and she wasn’t in love with Jassim as much as she thought she was.  He was what he was, a rebound guy.  Later that one night, she logged on and started the talk with Jassim….


2 Responses to “Lara Croft Breakup Tomb Raider (Pt 3)”

  1. Dazzlin Says:

    heey i just came across ur blog..i adore it ❤ mashalla ur writing is really good o i u keep me wanting to know more about wats gna happen next…inshalla she breaks up with Jassim

  2. jadedoe Says:

    Welcome to my blog Dazzlin 🙂 I’m glad you like it.. and inshalla soon you’ll find out 🙂

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