The Break Up Chat (Pt4)

April 5, 2009

“MSN is currently logging in…” appeared on the screen.

Jade started to play with her nails while waiting for the connection to be made.  ‘Ugh, it’s taking forever,’ she thought.

“You are signed in.” appeared on the screen.

‘Finally’ she sighed.  She started to browse her MSN List, looking for Jassim’s name, ‘Hmmm he promised that he would get online at 11pm’ she wondered as she realized his name wasn’t there yet.  She immediately went into her Privacy settings and started to unblock the guys she promised that she would remove from the list.  This has gotten to be a routine, since Jassim had the password to her email address and she had his, she started to block and delete her guy friends every night and add them the next day when she was online.  Just in case Jassim decided to check up on her.  She scrolled down and found that Nasser was already online and started chatting up with him, having this normal chat, while waiting for Jassim to come online.  Nasser just felt more fun and easy-going, easy to talk to and be herself with.

Around an hour later, she saw, “Jassim has just signed in..”

‘Shit I think it’s now or never…” she wondered while waiting for him to message her.

Jassim says: gowa baby (Hello)

Jade says: allah egawek hala (Hello back to you)

Jassim says: shlooonich 7yate (How are you)

Jade says: wallah ebkhair el7emdella enta shloonik? (I’m good, thank god, and you how are you?)

Jassim says: I’m fine thanks for asking….


Jade started to think of a way to let him off, a way to break up with him and get it over with but it started to look like a hard task.

Jade says: Ummm, Jassim..

Jassim says: hala baby?

Jade says: I don’t think this is going to work out…. *she paused*

Jassim says: what won’t work out?

Jade says: you know what I mean, I don’t think we can be together anymore..

Jassim says: why baby what’s wrong?

Jade says: well we are two different people right now, and you are asking from me stuff that I don’t feel like doing anymore..

Jassim says: what stuff are you referring to?  I didn’t ask stuff from you?

Jade says: Yes you did, you are starting to change me, and not to a person that I want to be, hell you don’t even know for sure if I was changing or not, it’s just not going to work out.  You want to turn me into a hermit and I’ve had enough of it here from my family.  You go on and on, about how listening to any Rap music or Hip Hop & R&B is wrong because you hate the African Americans, you tell me that I am a slut for wanting to dance at my friend’s house party, you want me to wear the hijab just because you want it, you want to make me quit all of my friendships with guys when I was raised in a mixed school, I’ve had it Jassim… walla enough is enough… I feel like I am suffocating and I just can’t take it anymore… (‘& you’re ugly, short, fat and balding,’ she thought to herself, ‘not at all what I would want my future husband to be like no matter how much I loved him, you are totally not the guy I had in mind for myself’)

Jassim says: …..

Jade says: what’s that supposed to mean?

Jassim says: are you finished? is that all you wanted to say?

Jade says: for now…

Jassim says: So what makes you say that now a year after we’ve started going out? What suddenly woke up in your head and made you say these things? You know that I love you, you are the love of my life why now? Why?

Jade says: I’ve had enough, I just feel so wound up, so boxed into the tiniest of all boxes and I can’t find a way to breathe ..

Jassim says: Hmmmm…

Jassim says: I doubt that is the reason, are you sure there isn’t someone else? I bet there is someone else..

Jade says: no there is no one else why do you think there is..

Jassim says: you know what we should continue this talk by the phone I don’t think this is the right place for it, I really want to know what is up with you…

Jade says: Ok, call me…

(To be continued)


5 Responses to “The Break Up Chat (Pt4)”

  1. Jam Says:

    FIRST yalla continue!

  2. Confessions Says:

    I love your story so far.. Ma7iba jassem! A7is he’s gonna be trouble now that shes breaking up with him.

  3. Dazzlin Says:

    ok i soo dont like jassim she should soo break up and end it with him ASAP…

  4. Cupid ;* Says:

    i love you for posting;* well not for posting only:p
    and Jassim, ya mama khalas ifham, once it’s over, it’s over!
    i like Nasser;*

  5. jadedoe Says:

    Jam, Hala walla hehe thanks I will be continuing but hopefully I’ll have enough free time to do so.

    Confessions, Thanks it’s just the beginning, it hasn’t even started and yeah I hated Jassim, he was a mean prick walla. And you’ll see later on what he does…

    Dazzlin, you’ll see in the next post hehe bs thanks alot 🙂

    Cupid ;*, Love you il 3afya walla, welcome to my blog it’s great walla I’m getting more readers almost 2 months since I actually started the blog hehe… and we’ll see about Nasser. He is another story in itself.

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