The International Call (Pt 5)

April 7, 2009

Jade sat there waiting for his call, remembering all the things she went through with Jassim. He really put her through a lot, and did not respect her opinion or ideas at all. He kept on telling her how much he loved her and thought that she was the one. But at the same time he used to tell her things that degraded women everywhere.

This one time without any introductions he started talking about fallen women, about those who talk to guys, and how he would not want one of those women to be his wife, a woman who got involved emotionally and physically whatever it was with another guy, he said that he saw them as if they were a slice of cake eaten by another person and he does not want anyone’s leftovers. He knew however that she had a previous relationship although it did not go anywhere and was so short and basically superficial he felt it necessary to say that.

He also felt it necessary to mention how the one time he came back during Xmas Break, how his mom had taken him to meet other girls so he would get married to, how he thought that there was no future with her. But then gave up on that search because according to him, he’s so in love with her.

Those were signs she should’ve seen long before but unfortunately didn’t.

The phone began to vibrate, and she picked it up.

The conversation was not that long, but not that short either. He started by telling her that she shouldn’t break up with him, that he is the best thing that will happen to her. He mentioned many things how he loves her and feels that she is his soul mate.

Jade replied saying “But I don’t see you as my soul mate, you’ve repressed me, you’ve made me into a person I have never wanted to become and sorry but that is not enough for me.

He kept on fighting to keep her in his control, when he found no use with his words he then went on to attack her and her relationship with other guys. He started ask her if there was someone else. Jade replied “No there isn’t, and please don’t start making up reasons for my breaking up with you other than the ones I’ve stated.” He went on saying “What about that guy Nasser who is emailing you recently, are you leaving me for him?

She was taken back by his response and went on to say “No, Nasser has nothing to do with this. Please don’t bring other people into this, it’s not necessary.” He went on to say “Well if you were leaving me for him, don’t think ina he will marry you, he just wants to fool around with you because obviously you are such an easy girl, you easily shift from guy to guy.” His words stung her and enforced her decision to move on with the break up, she felt that she needed to cut this international call short.

You know what Jassim, khalas it’s over, just forget me, I don’t want anything to deal with you anymore and it’s not because of anyone else, whoever I talk to is my friend, at least someone who understands me the way I am and does not want to clone me into something so repressed that within a year or two I would be unrecognizable to myself. I have had it” Jade said.

Jassim saw no way to changing Jade’s mind so he cursed her a bit and hung up the phone.

And that was the last time she heard of him that year.


8 Responses to “The International Call (Pt 5)”

  1. Confessions Says:

    He’s such an ass! Wai3, i hate him..

    True story?

  2. jadedoe Says:

    Unfortunately it is a true story with minor details changed here and there…

  3. 3anooda Says:

    i hope she changed her passwords!!!

  4. Dazzlin Says:

    GOD HES 7MAAAR… control freak who needs to be locked up…

    thank god she got away from him…

    thanks 4 the post dear o im glad i came across ur blog :**

  5. jadedoe Says:

    3anooda, Yes she did, the day of the breakup itself. She couldn’t risk him getting in again into her account, he did the same as well. And it’s not like he was all that innocent, Jade found emails he was exchanging with his Ex Farah. So talk about being a hypocrite.

    Dazzlin, Your welcome babes ma 6alabtay shay hehe and I am glad too. He should be locked up, he’s rude, control freak, racist, kel shay walla..

  6. Dazzlin Says:

    lool dnt ask bout the thank u’s cuz im in the “thank u” mood these days..:P:P

  7. Cupid ;* Says:

    Jassim eqith!

    Zain sawat feeh she did tell him exactly how she felt

  8. jadedoe Says:

    Dazzlin, Then I thank you for your thank you mood 😉

    Cupid ;*, 7ada I don’t know how she could stand him that whole year, but you’ll see what happens nothing is as it is. And that’s one of the best things to let everything in her heart out.

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