The Day After (Pt 6)

April 12, 2009

Later that night she went to bed, relaxed and comfortable, it felt as if a huge weight has been lifted and she could breathe again.  He didn’t mean that much to her, she should’ve kept the relationship as it was, a rebound and not take it to places.  It was a year lost from her life and she couldn’t get it back.  Thinking back on how she gave up on Nasser for Jassim was crazy but we can’t go back to change time now can we?

The next morning she woke up and was excited about getting online in hopes of catching Nasser there.  She logged onto MSN and looked around in her list.

Nope, she thought.  He’s not online yet, it must be really early right now at 1 pm.  She left her computer for a while and went to spend time with her little brothers playing some games.

Right around 9 pm she went back online to find that both Nasser, and her ex (before Jassim) Musaed was online as well.  She felt happy because even though she and Musaed were broken up, even though he left her for the lamest reasons ever, he still kept in touch with her and they had a good break up, they remained friends and to her that meant a lot.

She started talking to them both telling them about how she left Jassim, in separate chats.  Musaed was happy for her, because he had told her before he didn’t think Jassim was the guy for her, he knew things about Jassim and he told her how he used to be a player and all that but she didn’t listen.  Musaed didn’t want to tell her “I told you so” so he didn’t.  But he was genuinely happy for her.

Nasser on the other hand, was more on his guard, when he heard the news from her.  One of the few things he told her, were that even though she broke up with Jassim, it doesn’t mean that they will get together.  In fact they won’t.  He won’t be the reason for her break up and he doesn’t want to play second fiddle to Musaed because regardless of what she keeps telling him, he still thinks that she loves Musaed and did all of this for Musaed and not him.

Jade felt frustrated, it’s like she finishes from one problem and gets another but she was glad regardless of this chance, she told him that she did not expect them to get together that as friends they were already great.  But deep down inside she wanted him.  She’s willing to wait, and this waiting is exactly what she needs because in the end she can finally be single and enjoy life without a man controlling her.

And so, that’s how it went on for the next few months, July 2001 was the month of her break up with Jassim, and that was the beginning of the rest of her life.

Note: This is a true story, modified here and there to keep a hint of mystery around.  And for those of you who already know who I am.  Please keep it to yourselves or tell me later on, because I think this is my privacy and I would like to control how others view it.  But I sure hope you guys love reading this story.  Believe me, lots of times, I get told how this should be turned into a book because others can learn so much from what I went through and I can’t help but agree.


3 Responses to “The Day After (Pt 6)”

  1. Cupid ;* Says:

    I love your story so much:* and the way you write is truly amazing, and what that’s it?:s you’re not continuing ur story?

  2. Dazzlin Says:

    daahling mashalla mashalla as Cupid said ur way of writing is amazing.. seriously.. o yea u should turn it into a book..o i hope whoever knows who u are keeps ur identity as a secret for ur sake :***

    cant wait 4 ur next post.. there is a next one isnt there??

  3. jadedoe Says:

    Cupid ;*, Thank you so much my story loves you back and I’m glad you love the way I write I am still skeptical about it and no I will continue the story who knows until when though 🙂

    Dazzlin, There is a next one and thanks hon for your sweet words walla hehe I have always wished to turn my life into a book but it’s not worth it in the end hehe 🙂 Thanks alot though

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