Wake Me Up When September Ends (Pt 7)

April 13, 2009

Pretty soon, August started rolling in and the end of summer break was almost there.  Senior year was almost starting and Jade couldn’t wait to get back to school.  Throughout those past few weeks she started reconnecting with Musaed as well as Nasser.  She still had that first crush that she always felt when talking to Musaed but she knew that it will never be with him.  So she tried to stay away.

Nasser also tried to stay away from her, keeping her at an arm’s length.  Not getting too involved and not completely ignoring her.  They spoke so often, every night but it always felt he wasn’t giving Jade his complete self and she tried to give him time to do whatever he wanted but she did not spend all her time pining for him.

Fahad got into the picture, an old friend whom she spoke to from time to time.  He was one of the first guys she met online, and one who she kept in touch with because although they flirted quite a lot he still looked out for her as an older brother would.  He didn’t know the full details of her life but then again he didn’t need to.  He gave her his friendship without the need for anything else.  But Fahad is not the one we should be focusing about.

So we’re back to Nasser, who flirted with her quite often, made her feel that she was the only one, but at the same did not define what he had with her.  She felt that any day now he can give her up and leave, and who knows what the days have in store for her.

She started school again, and with school came newer chances to meet up with him.  She was not the type who would go out with her friends because well her parents did not believe that she should go out without them.  And so the only way she could see Nasser would be to go over to a friend’s house and arrange to meet somewhere outside when they left the house to either go shopping or have a drink at a cafe.

And that was how she got a chance to meet Nasser in mid December, she went over to see Dana one of her newest closest friends and got a chance to meet up with him.

[Note:] I have a problem in writing dialogues I try to remember most of what happened but I cannot capture the reality of the dialogue therefore I try to ignore it and move on to describing events so I’m sorry if it gets boring 😦  But thanks alot for reading and cheering me on to write my story :*


4 Responses to “Wake Me Up When September Ends (Pt 7)”

  1. Dazzlin Says:

    daaahling dont worry bout the dialogues.. ur writing is beautiful mashalla…

    hope everything went well with Nasser o hope he doesnt disappoint you later on in your story…

  2. 3 Says:


  3. Cupid ;* Says:

    it’s not boring it all;** i love it:*

  4. jadedoe Says:

    Dazzlin, And thanks hehehe I just find that dialogues are harder to write and make up hehe walla I love reading them but it’s harder to write. And you’ll see the next part.

    3, I did just now 🙂

    Cupid ;* thanks walla so far you and Dazzlin are my first followers :)))))

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