The Road That WAS Not Be Taken (Pt 8)

April 25, 2009

Note to the Readers: The whole point of this blog is not going to be the previous relationships, I never wanted to focus a lot on them, and they are just there to show what went wrong in a broader view, but they are part of the past and part of what makes the present so they have to be written.  That is why this post will feel quite quick and not as flowy as the previous ones but we are getting closer to the real jist of this blog.  I hope you like it, and I’m sorry for taking so long to write it up.


Things were kind of weird with them the next few months, they were dating but not really dating, talking to each other a lot but at the same time not sharing anything significant.  In Jade’s eyes, Nasser was confusing, she knows that he loves her but he keeps her at a distance and never gets really close and she keeps chalking that up to the fact that he doesn’t want to be her rebound.  But if he would’ve thought to ask he would know that he wasn’t her rebound but someone she deeply cared about.

The new year rolled in and with it many dreams that foreshadowed what will happen next.  It was a curse she was born with, sometimes she would dream something that will come true if not in the same way but in a similar atmosphere.  One of the most important dreams that she had was one where she was meeting up with Nasser in a parking lot, where she got into his Trail Blazer and was about to drive around with him.  But oddly enough 3 girls stopped them from going further and kept taking him away from her.  Getting him to focus his attention towards them.  It was a dream nothing more and nothing less but later that May it came true.

Later that May she got a call from Nasser, she got THE call.

Incoming Call – Nasser:

Jade picked up saying “Alooo”

Little did she know that it would be the last “alooo” she would say to him.  It was in that call that he informed her that he was getting married in a week.  That he will be cutting all connections and ties to her.  It was also that call where she didn’t feel anything and just felt a pang of sadness, a feeling of loss.  She was losing someone important to her, but it was also in that call where she did not fight for him.  They never defined anything, their relationship was not a relationship but a friendship, she still talked to other guys and he of course talked to other girls.  She cried, she had to because well in a way it was a dream, a person whom she dreamed she might end up with, but that was it.  Crying over a dream not fulfilled, not over the love of her life.


It’s been years now and Jade no longer remembers the details of that call but the thing Jade can tell you now, is that, that call was the best call of her life.  It was the call that got her life rolling and the call that would change everything for her.

If she were to look back now at her life, she would say that Nasser was her rebound from her rebound Jassim.  Nasser got her to see that there are others out there who would actually care for her and not try to change who she really is.  And Nasser might’ve been the reason things were going to start to get better.  Were probably the reason why she will met “THE ONE”.


3 Responses to “The Road That WAS Not Be Taken (Pt 8)”

  1. Dazzlin Says:

    Hey daahling Im sorry Im a bit late commenting bas I just saw your post now.. My fault.. Im glad Nasser was a sort of “wake-up” call for Jade’s life to start rolling again onto a better path where she found (as you mentioned) “The One”… hopefully “The One” will always make her happy..

    I’ll keep a regular check on your blog these days waiting for the new post :**** Tutta 4 now

  2. Cupid ;* Says:

    Poor Jade:s she went through a lot:(

    oo dazzlin chinich imnashbatni hal ayam kila ur commenting before me?:p

  3. jadedoe Says:

    Dazzlin, Thanks for your sweet comment and yeah I know he was great in that area, but you have to wait and see what happens afterwards, not everything is peachy in the beginning.

    Cupid ;*, She did go through much but the issue is that these events happened almost 7 years ago, so it’s kind of hard to remember them exactly I’m trying to put as much as I can remember down and with that I give you this story that I created.

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