Random Question

May 6, 2009

I know I’ve been so lazy and not updating but things have been hectic in my life. Anyways I would like to ask you guys a question and by guys I think I am talking about (Cupid ;* and Dazzlin’) mostly hehe since you are my only two readers.

If you were to marry the love of your life, and you came from a mixed school system, a system where it was okay to interact with other guys have them on MSN, Facebook, etc… And that husband to be tells you, you have to close those things, or delete all the guys in your life that are not family, what would you do?

Would you say yes or no?


7 Responses to “Random Question”

  1. love ;** Says:

    Speaking as a married woman, if my husband asked me I would but at first I would try to convince him to meet my close guy friends but if he doesn’t like the sound of it I would just slowly delete them out of my life because think of it this way, if he were to have his girl friends and he stayed in touch with them how would you feel? You might say 3dee now bs trust me on this its not ;**

  2. Jam Says:

    heey! i read your blog too!!
    Id say no, but not just a firm NO! Ill tell him that Id delete all the useless guys that are on my msn/fb.. ‘just because’ not the men that I care about and the ones that care about me. He should trust me, and acknowledge the fact that these man are brothers to me, nothing more.

  3. Dazzlin Says:

    Hey daaaahling!! I agree with what Jam is saying.. y3ni he should trust u and if the guys who ur friends with have been friends for such a long time o they are like brothers to u then i dont see anything wrong.. bas talk to ur husband to be o tell him how u feel about it o y3ni compromise o reach a decision both of u are happy and content with.. Hope everything goes well daaahling :***

  4. Change Says:

    i’ll call off the whole marriage thing, I knew those guys all my life, we have history that I can reflect on and be assured that this is who they are.. but if the husband to be, came from another environment, and couldn’t understand that, i’d tell him to look for a wife somewhere else, because he is promising me a future which is vague and not clear, and most of the times, as we all know promises were made to be broken..!!
    but i’m dangerously liberal, and a bit extreme.. 😛

  5. Cupid ;* Says:

    I’m so sorry I just saw this;** I’d say that I would say yes, from my perspective that the guy loves you and guys tend to get jealous no matter who that guy was, they see it like a guy is a guy no matter what he is to you. Try putting yourself in his shoes also I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if he had lots of friends that are girls and kept bumping into them and saying hi, it would be disrespectful to you. Look at it this way, if he had friends that are girls and he’s willing to shut them off you agree too. Bas ham if he didn’t agree I’d say that do agree because at the end he’s the one that’s gonna be there for you, ma7ad ra7 yinfi3ich ghaira;** and I’m so happy for you, ba3dain we’re not the only two readers;** lots do read but don’t comment:*

  6. Cooookiez Says:

    theyll just be friends with limits ..

  7. jadedoe Says:

    Love, I totally agree, now that I had some time to think about it, the guy friends can come and go but he is the love of your life, he is meant to stay for good so why do the others matter if he is the most important thing in the world to you?

    Jam, Thanks for reading my blog hehe it’s just that I never see much comments hehehe I know but men are supposed to be the jealous type if they aren’t then something is wrong so in a way I guess I can talk to him about the guys that you would wish to keep but to me I think that not many are worth it you know.

    Dazzlin, The trust is there, the jealousy however exceeds that and regardless, hell even if it were his best friend/brother on the list he would want them deleted because he wants to be the only man you look up to you know that.. Bs thanks alot thank for your great advice :*

    Change, Hehehe that is very liberal and very extreme, again I kept thinking of it, that if I were to let him keep his girl friends as friends I would go nuts regardless of me trusting him, believe me I would get jealous from girl cousins! But then again that’s just me. And who knows what a few years later on will bring you know..

    Cupid, Hehehe ta3jebny afkarich and yeah I totally agree with what you said.. I got a few hours to calm down and saw the reasoning in things. Bs lal7en tara ma sar shay heheehe lal7en we are in limbo :/

    Coookiez, sometimes those friends aren’t worth staking an entire future with. Don’t you think?

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