Double-Click To Open a New Page (Pt 9)

May 24, 2009

Sorry for the late-ness in this post.  I’ve been meaning to write something new but kept on getting bombarded with life-issues.  I hope to update this more often, I keep thinking of wiping the blog out and just stopping but then I think that it’s a story worth to be told, who knows who out there is going through the same thing.  Right now I’m having an issue with finding the right name for Mr. X (a.k.a Mr. Right) so if there are any suggestions out there please help me.  Anyways hope you like this post 🙂


Jade hung up after hearing Nasser saying “I’m getting married next week”, well not directly after she debated with him as to what this means and why was he doing this but he was so cold and not even answering much.  So she said “Okay…(silence)  I guess I wish you a happy life and this is the end to everything.”  Nasser responded by saying “Thanks and I wish you the same.”  He didn’t even bother fighting or even explaining anything it seems as if he was just too eager to let it all go.  Where was that love that he kept on pushing on her all those months back when she was with Jassim.  Where was the early promises that they would be great together.  Maybe she was his rebound she thought.  Maybe she’s just not worth being married to, it doesn’t seem as if anyone is bothering anymore, no one just wants to stick with her, she’s just not worth it, she thought.

She then hung up and stared at the ceiling.  Tears were about to slide from the corners of her eyes.  Actually maybe one or two actually did but that was it.  She refused to cry over such a break up.  They weren’t even an official couple, they hung out, made out once or twice.  Nothing more and nothing less.  One can’t call that a relationship, more of a friendship that was lost.

Jade had cried her last tears and not out of sorrow but for a friend she lost and because Nasser wasn’t only a lover or potential boyfriend but a friend.  Life will go on after him and just because they broke up or he’s getting married doesn’t mean she can’t go on.  At least she got out of an abusive relationship with Jassim.

Later that night she decided to get on MSN and check her many different handle names, she remembered how before she used to get on mIRC and chat with many different people and every time she had a new nickname meant an email, or every time she was with a guy she felt that her previous email was too childish so she’d just create a new one, shift most of her friends but some were always lost on the old addresses, some were just not always online to talk to but oh well.

Jade is signing into MSN…….

She waited until her contact list popped up, and thought to herself, ‘Wow it’s been what ages since I signed in here’ such memories are best to be forgotten or better yet let’s sit and remember them, what have I got to lose, I’m single now and should be proud of it.

Her contact list loaded and she went through the online friends, one name in particular made her gasp and go “OMG.”  She couldn’t believe it after all that time HE was online.  It’s been what 2 years, ages since their last conversation.  She moved the mouse and pointed it on his nickname ‘Mr. X’ getting ready to double-click it to initiate that first chat in 2 years.



3 Responses to “Double-Click To Open a New Page (Pt 9)”

  1. Dazzlin Says:

    GOD NASSER IS SUCH A STUPID FREAK.. at least u got away from him b4 u got really serious.. god annoying.. ooo i sooo wana know whos Mr. X o wat happens with him..

  2. Cupid ;* Says:

    ughh Nasser really REALLY pisses me off. AND who’s the lucky Mr.X?:p

  3. jadedoe Says:

    Dazzlin, Hehehe I love how you are often #1 commenter and Cupid follows.. but yeah Nasser was an ass, I will give you his explanation that was provided to me later on as to what happened and why. I will write the next parts very soon, very very soon.

    Cupid, The lucky Mr. X shall be unveiled in the next post and yeah Nasser made me laugh when I heard his reasons later on 🙂

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