Bad Jade

July 6, 2009

I’ve seriously been a bad Jade, last time I posted was May 24th, I keep wanting to post but I got stuck on the names so I just stopped thinking about it, and kept putting the story on hold but right now I’m working on the next few parts of the story I want to at least post more often and give you the real deal and what happened with Mr. X.

I am not sure what more to say but thank you to those readers who are still checking back to see if I’m still alive, I am ever so grateful for you guys.  Seriously you guys make my day when I read a comment or two from you 🙂

If it’s not too much to ask, please suggest some cool guy names, names that make you go weak in the knees, something that I can use but that doesn’t interfere with what other bloggers are using, i.e. there are too many Hamad’s, Fahad’s, Fawaz’s, Faisal’s, and such out there.  I just want something that can be associated with this story and not to confuse you readers.


3 Responses to “Bad Jade”

  1. Dazzlin Says:

    JAAADE!! I kept checking your blog to see if you were around and my dashboard wasn’t telling me.. Missed ya daahling glad to have ya back..

    As for names lol i got sucked in with those names as well without even thinking now i cant change it :P.. How about Rashed (not used that much) umm Mayid, 3bdulla, Salim, Sul6an, M7md, 3mr.. (although i dnt have any names that make me go weak in the knees bas these are all i could think of 4 now.. if i think of others i’ll tell u bout them.. hope they help)

    Can’t wait for the next post daahling.. :***

  2. jam Says:

    yay! youre back!!

    hmm.. mishary? tameem? marzouq? mahmood? rashid? ayad? ummm… i think thats about it! nothing else comes to mind, hope i helped!


  3. jadedoe Says:

    Dazzlin, Hey sweetie thanks for the suggestions and I’m sorry I keep disappearing and re-appearing but hopefully I’ll stick around now, pretty soon I’ll have a lot of available time so I might pursue this writing more frequently but thanks alot for the suggestions hehehe And so I’ll try my best 🙂

    Jam, Nice suggestions you know what’s the hardest thing, is when you want to pick the perfect name for your loved one and you just can’t let any name do hehehe so I’m trying my best hehehe but thanks alot for the suggestions they might help out 🙂

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