All About Mr. X (Pt 10)

July 24, 2009


Jade is signing into MSN…….

She waited until her contact list popped up, and thought to herself, ‘Wow it’s been what ages since I signed in here’ such memories are best to be forgotten or better yet let’s sit and remember them, what have I got to lose, I’m single now and should be proud of it.

Her contact list loaded and she went through the online friends, one name in particular made her gasp and go “OMG.”  She couldn’t believe it after all that time HE was online.  It’s been what 2 years, ages since their last conversation.  She moved the mouse and pointed it on his nickname ‘Mr. X’ getting ready to double-click it to initiate that first chat in 2 years.



She doesn’t remember if she debated whether she should be the one to send the first message or wait for a hello from him, but seeing that she was the one who just signed in, he might not be as aware as she is of her contact list, so she decided to risk it.  It was such a great friendship she had with ‘Mr. X’ you see a little background is needed to understand why it was such a great thing for her to see him online.

3 years earlier, when mIRC was a major craze with all the teenage population she met him, she was posing as a much older woman, a senior in high school and was meeting all sorts of people, just for the sake of establishing a friendship, sort of like a penpal situation.  You remember when you were in middle school and you read all those kid novels that had people meeting other people from all around the world and getting to know different cultures, well that was the situation with her.

So this one summer afternoon, she was spending the night at her cousin’s house she signed on to mIRC in the wee hours of the morning and met him, after the initial a/s/l’s (remember those pathetic days?) Well he told her that he was 13 years old while she embelished on her age and said that she was 17 and a half.  It was believed by both parties but you should see how it went on, no matter how it’s described you just had to be there.  The moment Jade found out he was 13 she went “OMG!” and started to say ” Awwwww you’re so cute, so young, you could be my son..” and Mr. X laughed and started to call her “Mommy” it was such a cute relationship where everytime they were online she would call him “son” and he would call her “Mommy”.

So innocent and so pure, but it did not have such a strong base to last because after the craze started to die down and they added each other on MSN they each went their separate paths for 2 years.  She got into the relationships with Nasser and Jassim, oh and let’s not forget some other dude who shall not be mentioned because he was the reason she rebounded to Jassim, and then Jassim was the reason she rebounded to Nasser.  Confusing much?

Back to that open chat window with Mr. X, Jade stared at the screen with a huge smile and thought to herself “Why not, let’s see what the little bugger is up to!”  Never for one moment did she think that the second she started typing those letters that she would be entering the most important relationship of her life.  Not once did the idea pop into her head that they each had lied about their age and that both would be the other’s soul mate.

Years later, today, Jade still can’t believe that lucky day he popped back into her life but she is ever so thankful that he did.  It was never smooth sailing for them in the beginning but when it got good, it got good…


That my friends is the introduction to Mr. X (who is still nameless, and whom I can’t even find a name to match with! Because well I love his name so much and I can’t see him in any other name but who knows I’m leaning towards Abdulrahman, Thary, Bader, or something… I hope this makes up for the many weeks of not posting, so here you go 🙂


3 Responses to “All About Mr. X (Pt 10)”

  1. rawan Says:

    i loved it but please don’t take long in posting

  2. jadedoe Says:

    Rawan, Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog, I’ll try my best, hopefully pretty soon I’ll post more often 🙂 It’s just that sometimes I feel insecure about posting more :/

  3. Dazzlin Says:

    Hey Jade im glad you posted.. sorry for the late comment.. I loved ur story o im glad he came back in ur life to be the special one.. Since u havent found the perfect name for him just keep him as Mr. X for the time being.. Take your time posting daahling we’ll always be here as ur readers to support u and personally i enjoy ur story so much so ur not getting rid of me anytime soon..Love ya :****

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